Summer of 2017 Home Sales & Supply & Demand in Ottawa

Sep 15, 2017

This Friday wrap-up with Paul, DW, Vito and Greg of Referral Mortgages focuses on supply and demand in the Ottawa housing market for the summer of 2017. Learn about the hot real estate market and how home prices are on the rise despite rate increases and changes to the prime lending rate. You’ll also glean some invaluable advice about mortgage pre-approvals and maximizing your odds of winning in a competitive offer situation. Once you arm yourself with all this knowledge, like and share this video with your social media connections to qualify for two tickets to the Ottawa Fall Home Show!

What you Need to Know About Home Automation in Ottawa

February 24th, 2017

Our guest today was the Founder of #TekTam Integrations, Matthew Taylor.

Matthew's company is on the leading edge of home automation and explained to us some entry level systems any home owner can implement immediately as well as some cool new technologies coming out that will blow your mind! Want to chat with Matthew about your options? Contact us today and we will make you a personal introduction!

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Mortgage Brokering in Ottawa, Where to Start?

March 10th, 2017

On this episode of the #FridayWrapUp we brought in David Warren who will be a new featured host on a weekly basis.

Paul, Vito and David discuss #MortgageBrokering as an industry and how every person acquiring a mortgage should be speaking with a licensed #MortgageAgent to understand their true options. Also discussed on this episode was all things First Time Home Buyers: Where to start, how much you need as a down payment, the importance of a pre-approval before shopping and many other key tips. If you have any questions around mortgage brokering or first time home buying contact us today and we would be happy to chat!

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The Importance of Human relationships in Business

April 14th, 2017

On this special GOOD FRIDAY edition of the #FridayWrapUp we discussed the importance of human to human relationships in business.

Greg talks about his recent experience with public speaking at MoMonday's, his big move to Blue Panda Realty here in #Ottawa, how to set up business meetings with partners/clients and how disconnected we are by being connected (online). This episode gives you a true insight into our hosts and their views on a wide variety of social topics and business activities. If you're interested in connecting with Paul, Greg or David contact us today to chat!

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Partnerships and Deals

March 24th, 2017

Today on the #FridayWrapUp we announce our exciting new partnership with "Burgers n' Fries Forever - BFF" here in Ottawa.

Every show BFF will be giving away two complimentary meals to one lucky follower. We also discuss outside the box deals, we explain what exclusive listings are for buyers and went over some listings that Greg is currently working on. If you want more information on any of these properties or how you can go about financing these amazing units give us a call and we can discuss.

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Why you Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Ottawa

April 7th, 2017

On today's #FridayWrapUp we have an amazing guest, #RealEstateLawyer Cecilia Pedrigao! Throughout the show we discussed all things closing day.

What to expect from your mortgage broker, your Realtor and your lawyer on the day you get your keys, wild and crazy things we've all seen last minute on the day clients believe they are going to move in and last but not least bridge financing. What is it and when would you need it? This episode also featured our first LIVE musical guest Eric St-Cyr! If you have any questions about your upcoming closing day or real estate related questions, please contact us today and start the conversation.

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Home and Auto Insurance in Ottawa. What you Ned to Know!

April 21st, 2017

On this episode of the #FridayWrapUp we brought in Stephanie L'Ecuyer who is a Home & Auto #insurance expert.

We discussed all things relating to protecting your various real estate investments and your primary home. Stephanie explained the process of acquiring home insurance as well as some of the specifics behind coverage. Are you covered if you're travelling? Are you covered if there's a flood? Are you covered if you move? We answer all of these questions. Our LIVE #musical guest is Jason Colsen on the keys! If you have any questions regarding home insurance be sure to contact us today and we can connect you with Stephanie.

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Shift in Landscape for Media and Journalism

May 5th, 2017

On this special edition of the #FridayWrapUp we had LIVE musical guest Alex Sullivan and on the couch with us former musical guest Eric St-Cyr.

Greg an Paul discussed with our guests the shift in landscape for media and journalism relating to all things, live videos on social media and how both of these aspects in our culture affect the #RealEstate industry. We also discussed buying a home with little to no money down, options for first time home buyers to get their down payment together and what to expect when getting pre-approved. To discuss your options for pre-approval or down payment contact us today!

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Real Estate Investing Insights and Tips

February 17th, 2017

Our guests today on the #FridayWrapUp were #RealEstateInvesting experts Marcus Noel and Robert Brock Frost.

Our guests today on the #FridayWrapUp were #RealEstateInvesting experts Marcus Noel and Robert Brock Frost. Both are licensed #Realtors and investors themselves and share great insight into how to properly analyze a property before buying, how to manage your properties and some do’s and don’ts around real estate investing as a whole. Contact us today to be connected to Marcus and Brock to start your own journey into investing!

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The Most Common Misconceptions People Have When Working with Realtors in Ottawa

May 26th, 2017

Our guests today on the #FridayWrapUp were #RealEstateInvesting experts Marcus Noel and Robert Brock Frost.

On this episode of the Friday-Wrap-Up we welcomed Jamil Bhuya, Owner of Burgers n' Fries Forever in Ottawa and soon to be Toronto. Jamil is an awesome guy and a brilliant entrepreneur. We discussed the common misconceptions people have in working with Realtors, we also shared some WINS for the week & exchanged some hilariously ridiculous customer service war stories. Be sure to tune in each Friday on & Blue Panda Realty's Facebook pages to follow along!

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