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Lee-Anne Nicholson Mortgage Agent Level 1

Lee-Anne Nicholson

Mortgage Agent Level 1

License# M21001697

Markets Served:
Serving Sault Ste. Marie & the rest of Canada

Cell: 705-257-7188


Lee-Anne Nicholson obtained her Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Laurentian University. She has held various management positions in her career in the manufacturing sector and has continuously looked at further better herself through personalized career coaching, various personality assessments including True Colours and 16 personalities. She also studied LEAN Management concepts and actively incorporates it into the workplace along with her personal life. Throughout her education and career Lee-Anne always had an entrepreneurial spirit in which she wanted to be in charge of her own career and decisions.

Together in 2017, Mike and Lee-Anne purchased their first income property which was a 4plex with the intention to create another stream of income so the reliance on their 9 to 5 jobs lessened. Once this property was purchased soon after it was realized that they wanted to become Real Estate Investors but did not know how to get enough equity to make future purchases. In 2020, Mike and Lee-Anne joined The Investor Mel and Dave Mentorship group and quickly learned the power of Creative Financing and OPM (Other People’s Money).