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Jatinder Saini Mortgage Agent Level 1

Jatinder Saini

Mortgage Agent Level 1

License# M22002370

Markets Served:
Serving Ottawa & the rest of Canada

1320 Carling Ave, Suite #205
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8

Cell: 613-294-1988


Like every International student, I landed in Canada to pursue a new ‘life’. What I had left behind was my dream to become an automotive engineer and what I brought with me was my passion to do something for my family who had been my support. I come from a small town and a modest family. I grew up helping my father at on our farms from a very young age. With time, my family needed more than what my father could provide, which is when I decided to move to Canada. Life was not easy but what kept me going was my dream of having a stable life and some rock-solid real friends! Today, I see myself in a position where I can help people get the home of their dreams and guarantee a better price than anyone else on the market. I also help them secure a mortgage with the best rates possible. It relieves me to know that I can be that link for so many to live their dreams like I am living mine! Here’s to dreams coming true and houses becoming Home!