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Henry Swan Mortgage Agent

Henry Swan, Level 1

Mortgage Agent

License# M24001232

Markets Served:
Serving Ottawa & the rest of Canada

1320 Carling Ave, Suite #205
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8

Cell: 819-210-0345


With a deep passion for real estate, I have built a successful career as a dedicated real estate professional. Since helping my first mortgage customer in 2012, I have personally expanded my portfolio to include multiple rental properties, demonstrating my expertise in property management and investment. My experience also extends to property development, where I have honed my skills in identifying and capitalizing on real estate opportunities.


I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa, which has provided me with a strong foundation in financial analysis and market dynamics. Bilingual in French and English, I bring a diverse and inclusive approach to my work, enabling me to connect with a broader range of clients and stakeholders. With a deep understanding of the Ontario and Quebec real estate markets, I am well-equipped to navigate regional nuances and trends. My commitment to excellence and keen understanding of the market have been key drivers in my journey, enabling me to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry with confidence and success.