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Denis Kos Mortgage Agent Level 2

Denis Kos

Mortgage Agent Level 2

License# M22002019

Markets Served:
Serving Ottawa & the rest of Canada

1320 Carling Ave, Suite #205
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8

Cell: 514-972-9721

Denis brings a wealth of expertise and experience to each client and every mortgage scenario. He prides himself on the ability to successfully help all clients attain a mortgage. As a distinguished member of the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and other major accreditations, he is able to bring all powers necessary to assist individuals and partners seeking a mortgage. Denis is dedicated to the details and loyal to your legacy.

Always on and always there for you, here’s what to expect when working with Denis Kos:

Loyalty – You can count on Denis to be there for you, to meet you in person and help guide you. He is dedicated to you and your financial security and success.

Expertise – Denis Kos is a Fellow of CSI (FCSI), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), and Financial Management Advisor (FMA). All of his knowledge is at your service.

Experience – For over 10 years, Denis has successfully helped first time homeowners, home buyers, people new to Canada, individuals seeking refinance, and alternative mortgages (damaged credit, bankruptcy, business for self etc.). Denis helps people in the present and for their future – no matter what their past is.

Denis gets it done. He has a track record of helping people succeed financially regardless of their age and financial history/situation.

The reason Denis chose Referral Mortgages is because he wants to use his full expertise and experience to help not just some people, but all people find the best mortgage products possible – without limitations. With access to hundreds of lenders and many products at his disposal, the choices are there, and Denis will help you make the right decision – for your family, and for your future.

“I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals.”

-Denis Kos, FCSI, CIM, FMA