Busting Myths with an Ottawa Mortgage Broker

Myths about Mortgage Brokers

As a professional mortgage broker with ReferralMortgages.com in Ottawa, I get to work with clients and help them find financing that works best for their financial position. When working with people who are new to the concept of using mortgage brokers, I’m often asked questions that make me realize that many people are misinformed about […]

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5 reasons it pays to use an Ottawa Mortgage Broker

Today’s mortgage consumers are faced with more lenders, mortgages, features and rates than ever before. On top of that, current mortgages are often highly complicated and specialized. The only way to be confident you’re getting the mortgage that’s right for you is to rely on the services of a mortgage broker. Here is why: 1) […]

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Building Home Equity like the rich

One of the secrets of the rich is that they habitually look for ways to increase good debt and eliminate bad debt. Good debt is used to make an investment that appreciates in value and puts cash in your pocket, while bad debt is used to buy a “doodad” that depreciates. Your mortgage is an […]

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First-Time Home Buyers Luck Out with Mortgage Changes for 2017

1st time home-buyers can save money in 2017

Some big changes have been made to home buying and mortgages that are taking effect in 2017 that affect first-time homebuyers in Ottawa and people looking to insure mortgages with CMHC and Genworth. Navigating your way through the complexities in qualifying for a great mortgage is becoming more difficult, making working with an expert broker […]

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Tips to Knock out Holiday Debt Fast from your Ottawa Mortgage Brokers

Pic of paying off debt from ReferralMortgages.com in Ottawa

If your holiday budget was derailed and you find yourself with a high debt load to start the New Year, you need to take control of your finances and pay off your debt fast. By avoiding the issue or making only the minimum payments on your credit accounts, you will not only be paying for […]

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Ottawa Mortgage Brokers ReferralMortgages.com 2016 Year in Review

ReferralMortgages.com fooseball charity event winners

What an interesting year 2016 was for real estate! Not only in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, but also for our entire nation as a whole. End of year mortgage rule changes caused a feeling of doubt and anxiety across many professionals in the industry. As Mortgage Agents, our team was faced with many questions and […]

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HUGE Mortgage Changes Coming to Canada October 17th, 2016

Pic of urgent mortgage updates in Canada

The Federal Government has announced yet another important mortgage rule change in efforts to cool the housing market by implementing what they call a “stress test”. In other words qualifying for a mortgage just got a whole lot more difficult. The sky is however NOT falling and ReferralMortgages.com is here to help you through this seemingly […]

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